Using Search Queries in Google Webmaster Tools to Improve Your Site

Google's Webmaster tools has a Search Queries that gives you relevant stats on your keywords' performance in organic search -- providing stats like Impressions, Clicks, CTR (click through rate) and average position.

You can find the Search Queries section of the Google Webmaster Tools under the Traffic Section.

Google recently released a video where Maile Ohye from the webmaster support team talks about the “Search Queries” feature, and how you can use  it to “improve your site”.

Ohye discusses explains why "ranking" is just one one part of the process to conversion, and goes on to discuss metrics like impressions, average position , click, and CTR. Ohye also outlines steps to analyze top queries and top pages.

Watch the video below:

I checked out the Search Queries feature Google Webmaster tools, and here are some screenshots for two of our sites:

Site A:

Site B


The stats on these two sites are impressive and I'm pleased, but after watching the video, I can see some areas where some improvements can be done, particularly with conversions and pushing our more important content.

I will be updating this blog with the results of such changes.

Did you find this video useful? Are you going to implement Google's suggestions in this video? Do use use Webmaster Tools? Post your reaction below...