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Hello Team!

Here's a quick updated on what's going on around the SEO world:

SEO Cheat Sheet

The Moz Blog has published the Web Developer's Cheat Sheet 2.0. You can download it here.

SEO Companies Fined for Fake Reviews

Several SEO companies been fined penalties ranging from $2,500 to almost $100,000 for publishing fake reviews online.
Kaiser The Sage
An SEO blog you can follow. By Jason Acidre, SEO Strategist from the Philippines 

The Most Actionable SEO Tips Ever?

Everyone loves a good tip, but unfortunately, many of the SEO tips floating around have become outdated. And even if a tip is still current, it’s usually not very actionable. To solve this problem, Web Gnomes contacted some of the best SEOs in our industry and asked a simple question: 

I think that's enough SEO food to keep you full tonight and over the weekend. Read, take notes and more importantly -- TAKE ACTION!

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