Social Media Content Template Pack

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Social Media Content Template Pack

The online world sure has changed. Where you used to only have be concerned about filling your own website with content, now there are so many social media sites where your audience gathers. It’s easy to open a Facebook, Twitter or a Pinterest account, but keeping it full of useful content is a whole other matter.

That what this template package is all about. There are many social networks out there and where you decide to put your focus is completely up to you and that will be based on where your audience is most active, your personal preference and the results you achieved. We’ve provided plenty of checklists and helpful tools that apply to all the major social networks, but that doesn’t mean you have to work on all them. If you’re new to social media, choose one or two networks where you audience hangs out and start building a connection with them. Then expand your social media efforts as you go, or consider hiring someone for your team to help you. You can certainly share these tools your social media manager or assistant if they are going to help you with your marketing. 

Social media provides your business with a number of benefits including:

  • Establish credibility with valuable, informative and helpful content 
  • Build a connection with your audience in a more casual and conversational environment
  • Increase website traffic by sharing your content 
  • Build your list by sharing your free opt in offers.
  • Boost SEO – when others share your content, it boosts your search engine reputation.
  • Glean valuable information to grow your business. You can observe your competitors, your audience and more.

To make the most of your social media efforts, start with these tools included in this package…

Social Media Management Checklist and Brainstorming Sheet

This is your first step to developing a strong social media strategy that is in line with your business goals. Most people simply post to social media, without a real plan on how it will grow or enhance their business.

  • Use the checklist and brainstorming pack we’ve provided to create effective your social media plan.
  • It will help you identify the overall goals and plan of action for social media, work within your budget, develop your marketing materials, optimize your profiles and monitor your metrics.
  • Use the brainstorming sheet to help develop your plan and then stay on track with the handy checklist. Print them both out and keep them handy as you execute your plan.

Now if you’re looking for help with specific social networks, we’ve also included detailed checklist for the major social media sites. 

7 Checklist Pack

These handy checklists will give you a great overview of the ins and outs of the popular social networks. Learn what to include in your profiles and the handy features offered.

The pack includes:

  • Facebook Checklist
  • Twitter Checklist
  • Google+ Checklist
  • LinkedIn Checklist
  • Instagram Checklist
  • Blab Checklist
  • Snapchat Checklist
  • Pinterest Checklist
  • Facebook Live Checklist

These are great for printing out and keeping handy as you master each site. Now when it comes to content ideas…

Social Media Content Planner 

We’re sure you’ll agree that this is an awesome 2016-2017 that includes a daily content idea for your social media. Use the calendar to plan your social media content ahead of time or whenever you’re stuck for ideas, just pull it out and run with the daily idea.

Visual Guide Social Media Image and Post Guidelines:

Ever get confused about how long your posts can be and how large your images should be on each social network? We do too! Worry no more because you’ve got these handy guidelines that include a visual guide for how to post. 

Hootsuite Bulk Scheduler Tool

Hootsuite is a powerful social media management tool that allows you to manage all your social media accounts and schedule your updates, all from one convenient dashboard. They also offer a bulk uploader feature, to save you even more time.

We’ve included a formatted .csv file to make your bulk uploads easier and an illustrated step-by-step guide, so you can easily use the bulk uploader feature.