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Jquery cookie .length uncaught typeerror cannot read property 'length' of null

On load the cookie has no value and this returns null.

Its .length property is returning a undefined value.

In this current state, $.cookie('XXX').length; will return an error:

"Uncaught typeerror cannot read property 'length' of null"

I haven't found a solution yet except create this snippet to force a length for the cookie when it is null:

if ($.cookie('XXX') == null) {  



bson_ext install for Ruby on Rails with Mongo DB

If you're following this guide on MongoDB with Ruby on Rails, and you get an error message There was an error in your Gemfile, and Bundler cannot continue after entering bundle install, you can follow the steps specified in this post to complete the "Bundling" stage.

I am assuming that you've tried the recommended work around and yet still getting the error message above.

First, install bson_ext.

Bitbucket Error 500 Major Outage - Database Issue

Bitbucket was inaccessible around 5:30pm EST just as I was pushing the code of the airheadz Mango project.

Affected by the Bitbucket major outage were the website and API, SSH, Git via HTTPs, Mercurial via HTTPs and Source downloads.

Talk about bad timing.


How to Add Quick Tagging to Drupal 7 Content

The core Drupal 7 install come with an open tagging feature similar to other content management systems like Wordpress but the process of entering tags is not as intuitive and can even be frustrating.

Thanks to  Drupal being modular, we can make tagging in Drupal easier, with the help of contributed modules. One particular module that can make this possible is the Autocomplete Deluxe module found at

Using Search Queries in Google Webmaster Tools to Improve Your Site

Google's Webmaster tools has a Search Queries that gives you relevant stats on your keywords' performance in organic search -- providing stats like Impressions, Clicks, CTR (click through rate) and average position.

Meet Edwin Ryan

I had the pleasure of connecting with Edwin Ryan through Facebook and we had a good conversation this morning about what he does and what I do. This guy is a rockstar online and in real life.

Matt Cutts explains why quoting isn't duplicate content on the web

Will Google consider quoted material duplicate content?

If you've been blogging for a while, you surely have quoted a source from the web and re-posted an excerpt from the source as part of your article or blog content, enclosing that excerpt in quotation marks. (block quote in Wordpress).

In the latest Webmaster tools video below, Matt Cutts says quoting is not duplicate content, but he says only if you don't quote the entire article from your source (which is tantamount to copying or plagiarism). His video was a reply to the question:

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