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IM Control Panel

Wow, I'm REALLY looking forward to diving into the site. Organization has been the bane of my existence so far - but that's about to change! The forms and questionnaires are spot on and really help to narrow my focus. Nothing like getting everything down and out in step-by-step detail. 

SEO Challenge for YOU in June 2012: 10 Do Follow Backlinks from Blog Comments

The first weekend of June is almost here and to kick off the start of the month, I have a challenge for you.

This Challenge is called the 10 Do Follow Blog Comments for June 2012.

As the challenge name suggests, the goal of this challenge is to create 10 backlinks to your blog or website, and they
should be Do Follow.

What's a Do Follow link?

A Do Follow link  is an incoming links containing the "rel=follow" attribute. These links are counted as backlinks by search engines.

Google Piranha Arrives - Long Term SEO and Traffic Blueprint

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a big topic in this month of May 2012 after the recent Penguin update of Google which saw sites rising and falling in the Google search results -- after Google cracked down on "overoptimization" resulting from unnatural backlinks.

While this has caused a lot of lost revenues and lost of traffic for affiliate marketers, internet marketers, bloggers, webmasters and small businesses who used on mass backlinking services and tools, it has opened the opportunity for the "mom and pop" websites with authority and niche content to rise in the Google rankings.

Power Pinning Profits

As someone who considers himself Pinterest-savvy, I thought I knew everything I need to know about Pinterest... until I saw this training package by Kev and Holly called Power Pinning Profits.

Google Doodle: Synthesizer Logo, May 23

Today, May 23, 2012, Google has a playable, interactive synthezer as its logo. (See screencapture below). They call these Google Doodles.

IM Control Panel

You May Now Forget About the Clunky Desktop Information Management software... Finally An Online Tool That Slays the Information Overload Monster.

The IM Control Panel is a web-based information management, project management, contact management and goal-setting tool built for Internet Marketers. It has a membership forum, monthly downloads and an IM training area.

The IM Control is currently on sale at the Warrior Forum as a pre-launch. It's set to be released to the general public on a monthly subscription.

5 Best Team Project Management Tools

Are You Looking For A Free Web-Based Project Management Tool To Boost Your Team Output and Make Sure Projects and And Tasks Are Finished?

Having worked in a lot of team projects  in software development and web development, I've been privileged to use and test a variety of project management and online team collaboration software-as-services (SaaS). All of these services work on the freemium model, which means you can get a free basic account and upgrade to paid features on a per-need basis.

Google Share Button X3 Wordpress Plugin

Grab This Wordpress Plugin That Quickly Adds the Google Share Button To All Your Blog Posts...

I launched the Google Share Button X3 Wordpress plugin last April 25, a day after Google officially announced its own Share button that works the same way as the Facebook Share button.

I've got my Google Drive

Could This Be the Dropbox-Killer Cloud Storage Solution from Google?

If you are looking for alternative to Dropbox and other high-price file syncing and storage solutions, then Google Drive might be for you.

I've been using Dropbox (50 gigs plan) the past 8 months and it has increased my productivity and allowed me to work on my files from any PC, but I haven't stopped looking for other solutions. So when Google offered its own "Dropbox-killler" Google Drive, I decided to give it a try and I am liking it so far.


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