My #1 "Geek" Tip as Hurricane Sandy hits the East Coast...

Hey, I hope I will be able finish this post before we lose power here as Hurricane Sandy approaches New Jersey.If you live in a storm-affected area I hope you are safe and ready, and if you have friends and family in the East Coast, pray for the best.

In times of calamity, the best thing to do is not panic but be aware of what you need to prepare like emergency kits.

Aside from personal safety, my #1 tip for you right now is backup your sites and your clients' sites specially if your web host is using data centers in the East Coast.

All Geared Up For Hurricane Sandy's Landfall in New Jersey

We have been busy here at home preparing for "Frankenstorm" Hurricane Sandy which is expected to hit the New Jersey area between Sunday and Monday and could be the worst in history.

Matt Cutts explains why quoting isn't duplicate content on the web

Will Google consider quoted material duplicate content?

If you've been blogging for a while, you surely have quoted a source from the web and re-posted an excerpt from the source as part of your article or blog content, enclosing that excerpt in quotation marks. (block quote in Wordpress).

In the latest Webmaster tools video below, Matt Cutts says quoting is not duplicate content, but he says only if you don't quote the entire article from your source (which is tantamount to copying or plagiarism). His video was a reply to the question:

[Video] Where did your time go?

Can't believe it's Thursday already and can't believe 2012 will soon be over.

See how time flies?

Before that causes a panic attack, let me share this video with you that has been posted on my site WOW Internet Marketing.

Video: Brad answers the question “How much time do I have to spend on my online business?” Watch it...


Picasa Lomo-ish Effect on Sunrise-Tree Photo

I took this photo sometime in 2011 using a Canon powershot camera. The morning sun casts powerful rays of light on the tree infront of our home here in New Jersey.

Beware of SEO Lies and Scams

There are so many scams and lies out there on the web today and the SEO landscape has a LOT of them.

Scripts/programs for Redirecting and Monetizing International Traffic

By this time you have heard about the WP Traffic Control Plugin

which redirects traffic to pages you specify based on their country.

So if you are getting traffic from Spain or Mexico, for example,

you can reroute that traffic to a Spanish version of a CPA offer

or affiliate product salespage.


In fact, one of our members alerted me that the plugin has been

offered for around $10 (way less than its Clickbank price of $47)


Two Product Launches in the First Week of October

There are two products that I'm releasing next week -- yes, in one week! And I'm sure your this will benefit people in your list.

Web-based MySQL Backup and Restore Tools

If you've ever tried migrating a database-driven site with a huge database, I am sure you've encountered problems with moving the database to the new server because of the file size upload limitations in PHPMyAdmin, the web-based MySQL administration tool that's provided by most hosting companies.

You can go around this limitation if you have shell access to the server, since you can simply upload the database backup file and restore to the new server through command like, but those without shell access have to find another solution.

How To Generate Traffic Using

The best way to get Delicious links and increase your website traffic is by actively  participating in  Delicious and by sharing, tagging and managing its bookmarks.


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